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Rivercity Underground Film Festival

The 2020 Rivercity Underground Film Festival Officially Selected Marbachumentary (Matthew Skinner, 2020) in their program! Although the Global Pandemic thew off any in person event, it is an honor to be recognized to exhibit a cinematic quality. With a budget of $50, the price of 2 Javi Specials and a full tank of gas, Matthew Skinner and I were able to create a film that left a great mark on history that addresses the area objectively. This was created for the future generations to reflect and be proud.

Production for the web-series was supposed to end in October due to the Pandemic, but it came to a halt on veterans day when I decided to return to projects I was neglecting because Marbachumentary was originally slated to just be a documentary. In the film industry, it is widely known that documentaries take up the complete time and energy of the director/producer/editor, who are usually the same person. Letting Matthew Skinner take on the honor of completing his vision has ensured that I've been able to return to projects like my script "Killer of Men" as well as family research for a documentary.

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