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My site supposed to be a film portfolio, not a blog.

On 13 December 2020 I experienced symptoms of a stroke and heard a voice tell me, "you have a year left, what are you going to do about it?" So I'll be living the rest of my life purposefully since God may have given me an expiration date. H.R.8270 - I am Vanessa Guillén Act will be signed into law.

All my life I've had to fight, and wasn't ever scared to lose a fight. Fought people who bullied me since grade school, fought enemy insurgents in Afghanistan, and fought off a mugger wielding a knife, but now I am fighting for justice after being sexually assaulted by Matthew Helms Sr., father of a soldier. I was embarrassed about what occurred, but it's not longer my embarrassment to bear. If I die fighting for my life because of the food and alcohol I used as a coping mechanism, I am ready. I haven't had any thoughts of suicide since talking about what happened in the cabin lodging bathroom at Fort Drum, NY. My fight is not with the leadership that failed me. Will not name any people, but when this goes to trial, the American public will know because the service members that are still in are having to suffer in silence. Since I am not in the service anymore, I am writing a memoir as a record if I pass away within this year, and this blog entry is written in case I die tomorrow. There has not been any cease & desist, or lawsuit for slander because this will allow me to start the subpoena process as I've already filed a police report weeks ago and am trying to initiate this process as soon as possible. Due to the sexual assault that I experienced at Fort Drum, I no longer associate with friends I knew since middle school as well as from high school because a constant feeling of disgust from being bled for my time and work. I barely associate with any white people from college because of the structural violence and exploitation that occurred on projects I was involved with during my final year.

My chain of command were all white and allowed a person who did not serve in our military, Matthew Helms Sr., to evade consequence while leaving me helpless. During the second anniversary of joining the Army I was sent to be under observation at a mental health facility for a week because I constantly felt like dying and started hoping for it. It hurt me to see news reports of Vanessa Guillén, Elder Fernandes, Asia Graham because they had the strength to report their unwanted sexual encounter and subsequently they all died under mysterious circumstances as details of each person's death are/were heavily shrouded. This is why our current service members need the H.R.8270 - I am Vanessa Guillén Act to be signed into law as soon as possible.





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